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About Tile Flooring​

For centuries, tile has been favorite choice for flooring among builders and homeowners equally. Due to its many benefits tile maintains its popularity to this day. Tile is made from natural products such as clay, minerals, and water.

The ceramic coating on the body’s surface gives it its color and finish. It’s a versatile decorative product that can be used for interior as well as exterior With today’s advanced technology there is a great selection of colors, sizes, shapes and textures available for every possible surface, be it walls or floor.

It’s a product that can transform space, enhance its appearance and offer you a great comfort and performance while remaining affordable.

Builders recommend it because it’s a simple yet reliable material, homeowners choose it because it’s easy to care for and environmentalists praise its durability and recycling qualities. In addition to its environment friendly qualities ceramic tile with its colors and textures can make any place stand out, indoors or outdoors.

When selected and installed right tile floors have the power to transform your home into something new and beautiful. The right tile design will enrich your interior and make the room more welcoming. In order to avoid any unwanted surprises during your tile installation process, we advise you gather as much information as possible and plan your remodeling accordingly. Knowing in advance what’s required from you during the tile installation process will not only help the installation team run things faster and more efficiently but also make the entire ordeal a lot less stressful for you and your family.

Planning ahead is also a great way to avoid any unexpected expenses and get exactly the result you wanted. Tile installation is quite a heavy transformation project that requires great precision and best should be done by a flooring professional.

Despite how it’s often advertised on the web, laying tile is by no means a DIY project for the weekend and requires a great deal of first-hand experience and specific knowledge.Here’s what to expect when installing tile flooring:


How is Tile Floor Installed


Why Should I Choose Tile Flooring?​

It's Durable

Ceramic and porcelain tiles outperform any other flooring material on the market today.
They maintain their top performance well beyond its competitors’ lifespan, be it carpet, vinyl, or laminate.
Tile’s hard to scratch and doesn’t absorb water so it’s great at resisting any stains or spills.

It's Healthy

Volatile organic compounds, VOCs for short, found in some flooring materials can compromise the quality of air and pose a real danger to health.
The production process of tile includes firing at high temperatures leaving no volatile organics in the end product that can be set into the air. There are VOC-free adhesives and grouts available on the market that can be used when installing tile. In addition, tile doesn’t harbor dust mites, mold, germs, or bacteria and is often used as a carpet replacement for people with allergies or asthma.

It's Unique

Tile flooring can make any space stand out. Thanks to the great diversity of available colors, shapes and textures any place can be transformed following to the customer’s imagination, be it a more classic look or the latest worldwide trends in floor fashion.

It's Eco-Friendly

Tile is essentially a mixture of water and clay that’s hardened by fire.These are all easily recyclable raw materials.
They are naturally renewable resources that have little to no effect on our environment. Due to its nature ceramic floors can help keep your space cool during the summer and contribute to your eco-friendly lifestyle.

It's Easy to Maintain

With tile flooring, there is little warm water can’t do. You can easily wipe up spills or get rid of stains without having to use any harsh chemicals.
Should a repair be in order, there is no need to remake the entire section of floor. The problem tile can be detached and replaced. It’s so easy that you can do it yourself!


What Our Clients Says

"I'm a professional Realtor. I refer Circle Floors to all my clients. Jeff has great customer service skills and knowledge of his flooring products. My clients are always very satisfied with his communication and installation. This is a company I can trust."
Cale Sherry
"Excellent flooring specialist. Circle Floors team did a wonderful job on our kitchen tile floors. They removed the existing tiles and installed the new ones and they look fantastic. Perfect grout lines and really professional job. I'd recommend Circle Floors to anyone looking for great service."
Jennifer Cox
"Circle Floors team did an amazing job on our new hardwood floors, we couldn't be happier. They always was easy to get a hold of when we had any questions or concerns. My wife and I highly recommend their services. We love our new floors and can't wait to have family and friends over to show them off."
Idean Salehyan


How To Care For Tile Flooring

Ceramic flooring might be the most durable of all but continuous usage can still take its toll. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain your tile’s fresh look well beyond its first days.

Understanding how to care for tile floor is the key and will help you maintain it’s original glow for longer. Knowing what kind of care your type of tile demands can come in handy not only for maintenance purposes but also when deciding what type of tile flooring to purchase in the first place.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts to help you keep your floor as beautiful as it was the day you got it!


  • sweep and wipe the tiles with damp mop regularly
  • always rinse and dry off the tiles after cleaning
  • in the case of textured tiles scrub lightly with a soft brush or use an electric polisher
  • get cleaning products for heavier cleaning tasks from a flooring retailer
  • place walk-off mats at all entrances and wash them regularly
  • chauk surfaces exposed to water
  • protect your flooring by resealing gouts from time to time


  • don’t use abrasives such as steel wool or scouring powders
  • don’t apply cleaners containing bleach or ammonia
  • don’t wipe glazed tile with oil-based substances
  • wipe up spills right away
  • don’t apply extreme pressure and take precautions when moving heavy objects Use protectors for furniture and table legs
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