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A considerable advantage of wood floors is that they can be refinished and repaired over time. The longevity of wood flooring makes them a great value that can last a lifetime. Refinishing floors also provides homeowners with the ability to achieve a look that aligns with their changing tastes or the latest color trends.

Indeed, hardwood floors give a touch of elegance to your home. It spruces up the aesthetic feel while enhancing the resale value. The wooden floors are highly durable; hence it is worth an investment. Wood floors have a well-finished and glossy look which makes hardwood an attractive pick for homeowners. However, it is very essential to properly maintain the hardwood floor, only then the lustre will last for years to come. Therefore, when you are noticing wear, damage or the age of your floors, you definitely need to call us for our hardwood floor refinishing services.


Benefits of Hardwood Refinishing


Sanding can make even the oldest and grittiest floors look new again. And if your floors look better, the entire space looks better overall.


Get your floors re-sanded and you'll instantly increase your home’s market value. Any real estate broker will say that prospective homebuyers love to see homes with beautifully-sanded hardwood floors. They'll be a big advantage when your property hits the market.


Sanding reduces the likelihood that floors will crack and splinters will develop. Meaning that children, pets, and family members can walk across the floor in socks or bare feet without risking injury.


Sanding evens out the surface of the floor so it’s level. It also closes up any spaces between planks, tightens loose nails, and removes wood splits. This makes the entire floor more resistant to traffic and furniture weight.


Finished floors collect little dust. A quick sweep and a wet mop every once in a while is all that’s needed to keep your floor free from debris and looking its best.

Pest Control

A well-sanded floor is like hanging a “no vacancy” sign for pests. Sanding eliminates small crevices and holes in the floor where termites and other insects like to burrow and breed.


What Our Clients Says

"I'm a professional Realtor. I refer Circle Floors to all my clients. Jeff has great customer service skills and knowledge of his flooring products. My clients are always very satisfied with his communication and installation. This is a company I can trust."
Cale Sherry
"Excellent flooring specialist. Circle Floors team did a wonderful job on our kitchen tile floors. They removed the existing tiles and installed the new ones and they look fantastic. Perfect grout lines and really professional job. I'd recommend Circle Floors to anyone looking for great service."
Jennifer Cox
"Circle Floors team did an amazing job on our new hardwood floors, we couldn't be happier. They always was easy to get a hold of when we had any questions or concerns. My wife and I highly recommend their services. We love our new floors and can't wait to have family and friends over to show them off."
Idean Salehyan
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