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About Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a popular flooring choice for home as well as the workplace. The variety is huge and there is something for everyone. Thanks to its many finishes available your floor can resemble an array of natural materials such as hardwood, ceramic tile and natural stone.

Thanks to new technologies staining is a problem of the past for laminate flooring. Laminate is a great option for people who want to have inexpensive flooring with a natural look. Just like hardwood, it offers an authentic look at half the price.


What Our Clients Says

"I'm a professional Realtor. I refer Circle Floors to all my clients. Jeff has great customer service skills and knowledge of his flooring products. My clients are always very satisfied with his communication and installation. This is a company I can trust."
Cale Sherry
"Excellent flooring specialist. Circle Floors team did a wonderful job on our kitchen tile floors. They removed the existing tiles and installed the new ones and they look fantastic. Perfect grout lines and really professional job. I'd recommend Circle Floors to anyone looking for great service."
Jennifer Cox
"Circle Floors team did an amazing job on our new hardwood floors, we couldn't be happier. They always was easy to get a hold of when we had any questions or concerns. My wife and I highly recommend their services. We love our new floors and can't wait to have family and friends over to show them off."
Idean Salehyan


Why Install Laminate Flooring

There is a stigma attached to laminate floors. Seems like being one the cheaper flooring options that also happens to be synthetic is putting off a lot of people who are concerned about the durability of their soon-to-be floor.

However, the general rule that you can’t get a quality product for a low price doesn’t really apply to laminate. Just because installing laminate flooring will cost you less than hardwood or stone tile doesn’t mean it looks cheap or isn’t durable. On the contrary, laminate flooring isn’t only equal but outperforms natural flooring materials in many aspects.

Laminate is Easy to Install

The DIY-ers among us will certainly appreciate how easy it is to install a laminate floor. The so-called click & lock (or fold & lock) design allows laminate boards to be fitted together like pieces of a puzzle. This accelerates the installation process and can save you valuable time and your installation team vital energy when remodelling your home.

The installation benefits of laminate floors don’t end here. Another great advantage of modern laminate flooring is that you don’t need to glue or nail it down. Laminate is a floating floor and can be installed directly on pretty much any surface at any grade as long as it’s ideally flat. This includes not only underlayment but also any pre-installed flooring except carpet. Laying laminate flooring will save you the time and money you’d otherwise have to spend getting rid of your old floor.

The flooring installation enthusiasts will also appreciate the ease with which laminate planks can be cut and trimmed. Since laminate is made of soft particleboard even utility knife will do the job and make fitting border pieces less stressful and more time-efficient.

Laminate Comes In Great Variety

Laminate offers one of the biggest selection of floor finishes. It’s a flooring option for everyone and anyone. The finish of laminate floor is essentially an image covered with a super strong clear protection sheet. The high-quality print can be made to resemble any and every natural material and not only that. Laminate floors also come in numerous patterns and colors.

Some modern laminate companies even go as far as reproducing the texture of a natural material such as wood or stone for better believability.

Installing laminate flooring in your home will not only give you the benefit of its strength and resilience but will transfer your space into a warm and welcoming setting that’s just as beautiful as the real thing.

Laminate is Easy To Maintain

When choosing the right floor for your home, it comes down to three major factors. The look of the floor, how much it costs and how easy is it to clean. Laminate gets satisfactory marks on all the above. Cleaning laminate flooring is as simple as it gets. A vacuum or a broom can get rid of most dirt accumulated on the floor’s surface.

There are special laminate cleaners available for a more thorough cleanse. Cleaning laminate flooring using water is also a possibility, as long as the mop is just slightly damp and there is no excess water that could penetrate the planks and cause the floor to warp or even lose the protective layer over time Apart from regular cleaning laminate floors don’t demand much maintenance-wise. The edges of the planks fit together so tightly that they leave no space be sealed and grouted.

Laminate is Affordable

The most common critique for laminate floors is that unlike stone or solid hardwood that can be sanded and refinished it has a shorter life span. At a price as little as ⅓ of that of hardwood, it’s well worth to install laminate flooring instead. Choosing laminate floor will not only leave you with a thicker wallet but it will also give you the flexibility and freedom many of the other flooring options lack.

Even if most laminate floors have 10+ years of guarantee, you won’t have to make it do with your choice of laminate floor for as long. With the money, you saved by installing laminate in the first place you can allow yourself to upgrade to a new floor and choose something more fitting for the time and the age. The easy lock system laminate floors come with also makes it possible to replace just the damaged boards or even mix floors with different finishes as long as the boards’ sizes fit.

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